About the Artist

Artist Statement

Artistic Development and Inspiration

My artistic journey began at the age of 12 under the guidance of my mother an oil painter, Carol Boelts, who introduced me to the world of watercolors. This initial exploration has since evolved into a sustained practice focused on large-scale natural and abstract landscapes.

My current body of work, titled “Digital Curtain,” delves into the symbolic interplay between the physical world and the ever-encroaching digital realm. This theme manifests in large-scale paintings featuring rich chroma backgrounds contrasted with meticulously rendered objects that evoke the encroaching digital world.

Composition and Technique

The composition of these works adheres to mathematical principles. Objects are strategically placed to guide the viewer’s eye on a journey through the painting, encountering delicate, precise elements rendered in both hard-edge and expressive watercolor techniques.

The borders themselves are integral to the “Digital Curtain” metaphor, functioning as a visual barrier that separates the physical and digital realms. This concept is further reinforced using varied watercolor techniques and the incorporation of cotton thread.